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Invest with Jens K Trading Group is very easy. Choose a INVEST PLAN you want and pay via Bitcoin. Latest day for invest is every Sunday for the following monthly Trading Periode.
You can earn a max. of 10% monthly ( 20 Trading.Days )
The maximum bet per trade is limited. I limit my daily trades so that I can also generate profits for all investors.
I payout 5 days after the Trading-Periode is ending. Holidays can cause delays.
You need a Crypto - Exchange to deal with Bitcoin. I recommend: Bitpanda If you are registered you can change Fiat currency to any Crypto currency and vice versa. You get also a necessary address to send Bitcoin and get paid your profit then.
Generally there is NO guarantee of profit when trading options on the stock exchange. Read the Risk Note please.
You must be 18 years old (in some countries from the age of 21)
Updates on this website are made regularly and are included.
Never take out a loan or loan for any system or promise !! --- Never borrow money from friends or acquaintances or anyone else for any system or promise !!! Note: There is never and nowhere a guarantee of profit !!!